7 Questions to Ask Your Uniform Rental Company

Choosing the best uniform rental company for your business is one of the most important decisions that you will make. You need to ensure that the uniform rental company you partner with can provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it, at a rate that is sustainable. If you are considering offering your employees uniform rental services, these are the seven questions that you need to ask any prospective uniform rental company before signing on the dotted line.

How Does Your Uniform Rental Process Work?

Most uniform rental companies work on a contract basis, so make sure that you understand how long the contract will be for and what the steps of the process include.

How Much Will the Uniform Rentals Cost?

Depending on what you want to offer your employees, the uniform rentals themselves will change in price. Do your uniforms need to be highly customized or are they unbranded? What color and size do you need them to be? All of these elements can have a major effect on the final cost of the uniform rentals.

What if I Don’t Like the Uniform Rental Service I Partner With?

Breaking a contract with a uniform rental company will almost certainly cost you, but how much? Ask beforehand so that you have an idea of what expenses you will incur for breaking the contract before the stated ending date.

Can I See Samples of the Uniforms I’ll Be Renting?

Sample uniforms are a great way to give you an exact idea of what you are paying for. Sample uniforms, with the same fabrics and features you selected, can be tested on the job to see how they perform. If the company you are considering is not willing to give a sample, ask why they cannot and see if you can get another reference point instead.

Can the Uniform Rental Company Scale to My Needs?

If you are a seasonal business, you will require a larger number of uniform rentals during your busy season, whenever that is. If the uniform rental company you are speaking with can’t scale to meet your needs, they aren’t the right choice for you.

Can the Uniform Rental Company Make Exactly What I Need?

Every uniform rental company is different, and some cannot produce garments to certain quality levels or standards. Ensure that the company you are interviewing can make exactly what you want to your standards.

Does the Company Understand Our Industry?

Every industry can benefit from uniforms, but if the rental company you are talking to can’t grasp the needs of mechanics or laboratory scientists, it might be wise to take your business to a company that specializes in those.

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