How to Let Your Employees Help Make Decisions about Their Work Uniforms


Whether you’re crafting a new uniform policy or re-vamping you’re existing policy, it is important that you include your employees in the decisions as much as possible. You want your employees to want to come to work, and a comfortable uniform will really help. Here are some of the ways you can let your employees in on work uniform decisions.

Types of Decisions

Depending on the industry you are in, there will be different regulations that your uniforms will need to meet. That said, your employees know more about the functionality of their uniforms than anyone. An employee who is comfortable in their uniform is much more likely to actually wear it. Here are some things that can increase employee comfort without compromising regulations.

Breathability- Having breathable uniforms is extremely important to employee comfort on the job. Your industry may require heavy garments for safety reasons at times, but when regulations allow you will want your employees to be as comfortable as possible.

Layering- If your employees will be working in multiple different climates, they may need uniforms with optional layers so they can bundle up when necessary.

Pockets- For many industries, pockets are a necessity. For others, they are not allowed. Talk to employees about pockets in their uniforms.

Types of closures- Buttons, zippers, Velcro, and any other closures on garments can make a huge difference in comfort and functionality.

Color- If your company doesn’t have a specific color set for uniforms, give employees a choice of what color they would like to wear.

About Current Uniforms

If your company has an existing uniform policy, you can survey your employees to evaluate the functionality of the current uniforms. This can help inform your new policy and hopefully make it better. Some questions you should ask are:

· Is your uniform comfortable?

· Does your uniform provide the safety you need?

· Does your uniform inhibit your ability to complete your job efficiently?

· What features could make your uniform better?

· What features does your uniform have that are unnecessary?

Make sure that any questions you ask are open-ended. You will get a much better idea of how you can improve things that way.

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