2 Reasons You Should Choose Microfiber

Are you in the market for new uniforms? Then you might be considering the merits of different fabrics and materials. Everybody knows what cotton and denim feel like when they wear them, but they might not be familiar with microfiber. It’s good for more than just cleaning rags! Here are some reasons why you should choose microfiber for your next set of uniforms.

What Is It?

Let’s start with the obvious question: what exactly is microfiber? At first, it was used for furniture. Yes, that’s right, furniture upholstery is made of microfiber, or at least, it was. Since then the use of this material has expanded to being used for different types of clothing. Because it is synthetic, it can withstand the effects of wear and tear better than it’s natural counterparts. It also retains its shape better than most conventional fabrics can, which is another point in its favor.

It’s Incredibly Durable

As we indicated above, microfiber is incredibly durable. No matter what it is your employees do, you should outfit them with microfiber uniforms. We know that money is tight, and you probably want to invest your budget in other business assets besides company uniforms. That’s another reason why you should choose microfiber - it’ll last! Since you know you will be getting your money’s worth, you can rest assured knowing that the uniforms won’t constantly need to be replaced, which can be an unnecessary drain on your resources!

It Resists Stain Damage

Staining can also ruin any piece of clothing, whether or not it is meant to be part of a uniform. Ordinary clothing is made of other materials, such as cotton, denim, and polyester. As durable as those fabrics are, they aren’t always the most stain-resistant. Microfiber has proven to be made of tougher stuff than that. Work uniforms are important, and anything that can get stained will look less professional. You don’t want your team to make a negative first impression on customers, clients, and guests. That’s why switching to microfiber just makes so much more sense. Anyone working in food services knows how hard it can be to get rid of stains left behind by coffee, wine, and condiments. Now that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore!

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