3 Mistakes Companies Make when Choosing Work Uniforms

If you’re making the switch to uniforms, you’re in good company. Adding uniforms to your business is a great way to improve employee well being and productivity, increase public opinion, and it allows you significant marketing opportunity. Choosing the right uniform for your staff can be tricky though, and it’s easy to make mistakes the first time if you go in blind. Before you make any purchases, take a look at our list of common mistakes and save yourself some trouble!

Not Consulting Employees

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when choosing uniforms is not to consider the opinions of employees. While you may have an idea of what will be best for your company, you may not have the insight into the day-to-day processes and experiences that those on the floor do. While you will have the end say, your employees might be able to help you narrow your choices down to what will work best for your industry. Not to mention, as they will be the ones wearing the uniforms most often, it needs to be something they will be comfortable and able to perform their duties in.

Not Utilizing Branding

One of the significant advantages of using uniforms is that allows you to develop a better brand identity and gain free advertising. Not taking advantage of this opportunity is foolish, as adding a logo and relevant color palette is relatively straightforward. Whenever your employees leave your facility wearing their uniform, you are receiving free, easy marketing. Plus, uniforms help to create a professional, consistent look that will help to develop and flesh out the branding of your company while promoting your image.

Focusing on Design Over Function

While you don’t want to lose out on your branding opportunities, it’s also essential to take function into consideration. The uniforms you choose need to be appropriate to your industry, not selecting the right durability, or opting for whatever is cheapest, will leave you with dirty, easily damaged uniforms that do not present a professional image. In addition, you’ll need to consider that your employees may be working in dirty conditions, or ones with extremes in temperatures these factors can require different types of uniforms. Lastly, always consider comfort and ease of motion, if the uniforms you choose make it harder for your employees to do their jobs they’re not as effective as they could be.

For All of Your Work Uniform Needs

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