3 Safety Elements Every Auto Body Shop Uniform Needs

Many occupations pose their fair share of safety concerns. Working in an auto body shop poses more concerns than most. In any given day, a mechanic could encounter toxic fumes, flying sparks, and all manner of sharp edges. So how do you protect the mechanics in your auto body shop from the safety risks they face every day? Just make sure they have the proper safety gear!


Strong, flame-resistant coveralls will not only help mechanics stay -somewhat- clean, they can also help with safety. Not all flame-resistant clothing is created equal, so make sure you partner with a uniform company who only uses the highest quality distributors. Your top priority is to keep your mechanics safe, and with sparks flying quality flame-resistant coveralls will go a long way toward accomplishing that.

Strong, Slip-Resistant Shoes

Mechanics in an auto body shop spend almost all of their time at work on their feet. Strong, slip-resistant footwear, such as steel-toed boots, will help keep your employees on their feet comfortably. Since auto body shops can sometimes be slippery, make sure footwear also has slip-resistant soles. There is also a lot of heavy equipment. On the off chance something slips and falls, steel-toed boots can prevent foot injuries.


The outside of your precision driving machine may be shiny and beautiful, but the mechanics in an auto body shop are more concerned with what’s under the hood and underneath the car. These areas are usually quite dirty, and contain lots of germs. Dirt and exhaust residue can actually stain skin, so make sure your mechanic uniform includes gloves. There are also many, many car parts that mechanics could potentially cut themselves on, so gloves aren’t just a cleanliness concern, they are necessary for safety as well.

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