4 Industries Where Uniform Color Counts

Uniforms are important in various industries, to promote a sense of professionalism and unity among employees and co-workers. However, there are industries where the color of the uniforms is the most important aspect because they help identify workers and keep them safe. Here are four industries where color is king.

Industrial Jobsites

Workers that report to industrial jobsites often face conditions that require them to be visible at all times in order to ensure their safety. This is especially true for highway workers, people who operate heavy and dangerous machinery, and other ground crews. It’s necessary that they wear brightly colored, neon, and reflective materials that will keep them visible in changing weather and light conditions. Similarly, flagging crews also require these types of uniforms for safety, which includes headwear, high-visibility vests, jackets, pants, and coveralls.

Customer Service

Customer service provides the perfect opportunity for branding on company uniforms. It not only identifies the company, but it helps customers identify and approach employees to help them find products they’re looking for or get more information about specific services. Using bright colors or the color scheme associated with your business, people will be able to pick out exactly who they can go to for help.

Food Service

Uniform color is especially important and useful in the kitchen of restaurants. You’ve probably noticed that when you look into the kitchen at your favorite restaurant, the chef is wearing white, despite the spills and splashes that often occur from food preparation. Kitchens get incredibly hot, and the white coats that chefs wear helps to keep them cool by reflecting light rather than absorbing it. Because of tradition, it’s also easy to identify who is the leader in the kitchen by the color of their uniform.

Security Forces

Uniform color is all about safety and identification. People who work on security forces not only need to be identifiable to people seeking help, but also to each other for safety and assistance in various scenarios. The dark colors that security officers usually wear promote professionalism, unity, power, and position.

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