3 Reasons to Choose Uniform Rental for Your Dental Practice

If you own or run a dental practice, there are many ways that uniform rental services can benefit you. Many dental practices rent towels, floor mats, and even washroom supplies. Another common rental item is uniforms . Yes, you read that right. You and your staff could be reaping the many benefits of renting uniforms instead of buying them. If you currently buy uniforms, or worse don't even have a uniform policy (which you should, because a consistent uniform is a great business and branding move), consider that renting could be the best option for you.

Clean, Consistent, and Ready When You Need Them

Using a uniform rental service ensures that everyone in the office has a uniform appearance. This is simply something that cannot happen if each employee buys their own scrubs from different stores and manufacturers. While your uniform policy may say “dark blue” the range of different dark blues you actually see will be huge. And that range will expand as each employee has different wash routines for their work clothes. Rented uniforms will have a consistent look from the start and keep that consistent look over each wash (since we handle the laundry). You and your staff will always have fresh, clean, hygienic uniforms ready to go without any stress or fuss.

A Perk For Employees

The value of uniform rentals isn't just about the bottom line of your business. Uniform rental is also a great perk for employees. If you are just instituting a uniform policy, your employees may be worried about having to pay for their own uniforms. If you already have a standard uniform, but they have to purchase it themselves, you're costing them money to work for you. Offering a uniform rental program eases the burden of buying uniforms but it also eases the burden of having to care for them. This is a definite win for your employees.

Includes More Than Lab Coats

While scrubs and lab coats are the basics for most healthcare uniforms, including in dental offices, the era of COVID-19 requires more. Many uniform rental companies also offer reusable isolation gowns and masks that you can be sure are safe and sterilized when you get them, keeping you, your employees, and your patients safe.

Chesapeake Uniform Offers Uniform Rental

Chesapeake Uniform has been providing uniform rental services for over 30 years to the following areas:

· Maryland

· Delaware

· Washington DC

· Southern Pennsylvania

· Northern Virginia

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the most competitive prices thanks to our national affiliation with ApparelMaster®.

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