4 Reasons to Rent Medical Uniforms Instead of Buying

Uniform rental is a great idea for many businesses, including any medical practices or hospitals. Unfortunately, many facilities think that it's a better idea to purchase uniforms outright instead of renting them. Why is uniform rental such a good idea?

Simple and Flexible Ordering

If your practice or hospital is like many others, your uniform quantity, shape, and size needs change based on the season. You might be overwhelmed right now during flu season and then experience a lighter number of patients in the early spring months. Uniform rental allows you a great deal of flexibility, so you can order what you need when you need it without losing money on wasted and unused uniforms.

Proper Inventory Management

Inventory management is difficult to manage as a practice, and it's even more difficult to manage if you are worried about uniforms on top of other supplies. A professional uniform rental company can manage your inventory for you, so you never need to worry about running out. A medical uniform rental supplier can also take care of laundering uniforms when they are soiled, so you will not only have uniforms available, but clean and sterile uniforms that make your practice look great.

Stop Infections

When you rely on employees to clean their own uniforms, you cannot always trust them to do the best job. After all, the last thing most nurses want to do after they get home is follow more sterile procedures for cleaning their uniforms. A uniform rental service will thoroughly sterilize and wash your uniforms so that they are safe and healthy for your employees and your patients.

Stabilize Your Budget

Finally, uniform rental can help to stabilize your budget. You will have a flat, basic rate you are responsible for paying to cover your uniforms and the costs of maintaining them. You won't need to worry about ebbs and flows in purchasing uniforms, repairing them, and replacing them. Budget stabilization is always a good thing!

Medical Uniform Rental from Chesapeake Uniform

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