4 Reasons to Wear Lab Coats

Wearing a lab coat might make you look like a mad scientist. However, there are multiple practical reasons to wear lab coats. Let’s find out what some of them are.

Added Comfort

Higher-quality lab coats can actually help you feel more comfortable than you might think. For doctors and scientific researchers who are under loads of pressure and pursue highly stressful careers, every little bit of comfort makes a difference. These coats are both breathable and flexible, which is important depending on the environment you are working in - sweat-wicking technology can make more of a difference than you realize. These materials can repel stains that can build up, which is also helpful when working with chemicals or other hazardous materials. Making sure that moisture doesn’t damage the coat or the clothing underneath is also another important consideration, especially when it comes to appearance.

Enhanced Professionalism

Everyone who is expected to wear a lab coat will also need to be mindful of presentation. Wearing lab coats can help you look more distinguished and professional. Depending on where you work, it also gives off a sense of authority and expertise that your colleagues might not be able to exhibit. Increasing the trust that your patients and clients have in you is crucial, especially if it will impact the test results that you are trying to confirm.

Display Impartiality

Displaying impartiality is another important quality for a lab coat to have. Gender and other characteristics should have no bearing or misperception on ability to perform or provide care. That’s why all lab coats issued to all users must be designed the same. Length and size should be taken into account to maximize comfort, and color can also be a determining factor. But you shouldn’t design your next batch of lab coats to look any different except if you are trying to establish or continue a potentially outdated notion of a hierarchy.

It’s Neat

One last takeaway to consider for all lab coats is that they can help everyone look neat, tidy, and professional. To avoid getting food stains on them, the coats are easy enough to take off when it’s time for lunch. Any pens that leak ink onto the fabric won’t be a nuisance, since that stain can be washed out of the coat’s material. Cleaning and restoring the coat is also simple, whether or not it must be included in a larger batch of laundry.

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