Head chef posing with the team behind him5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Clothing for Your Employees

A sharp new uniform can make your employees look and feel professional, but there are some essential considerations for employers who are looking into custom clothing. Finding a new set of uniforms that works well can be a challenge. Aesthetic concerns like branding and materials are critical, but custom clothing must also withstand the rigors of a job day-to-day. Here are some things to think about when choosing custom clothing for your staff members.

Choose Materials Carefully

The materials you choose can have a massive impact on how your uniforms look and feel. Your staff members must be able to wear their uniforms, perform their duties, and represent your business comfortably. Some fabrics can be itchy, uncomfortable in warm weather, or otherwise ill-suited to the conditions in which your employees work. While a fabric's color and appearance are crucial, you should always consider how your uniforms feel when worn for long periods.

Consider Your Team's Day-to-Day Needs

We serve all kinds at Chesapeake Uniform, from hotel desk receptionists to welders and everyone in between. Those in hospitality, healthcare, and industrial settings typically have very different needs when it comes to custom clothing. If your employees require a wide range of motion, avoid choosing uniforms that are stiff and stifling. If your team routinely works with fire, chemicals, or other hazards, choose custom clothing that can provide adequate protection.

Boost Your Brand

Whether or not your staff members actually come into contact with clients, their uniforms represent your brand. Choose colors, materials, and styles that are appropriate for the setting while also serving your brand image.

Custom Clothing Should Fit Every Body Type

Everyone has unique concerns when it comes to dressing. You may not have to cater to each individual's insecurities or clothing preferences when choosing a uniform, but be sure to pick styles that look appropriate on any body type. Uniforms should look professional, appropriate, and (at the very least) not unflattering. In short, don't pick uniforms that only look good on models.

Seek Employee Feedback

Your employees' custom clothing should be comfortable and allow them to perform their duties well. It is always wise to seek employee feedback when choosing uniforms, as they likely have valuable insight into what they need from their clothes. Your staff members know their jobs better than anyone, and they will know whether or not a uniform helps or hinders their performance.

Uniforms From Chesapeake Uniform

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