Like it or not, the cold weather is on it’s way. Once the chilly weather really sets in you’ll need to make sure your employees are nice and warm on outdoor jobsites. There are generally two options for keeping workers warm, bibs and coveralls. Bibs look similar to overalls, but are made specifically for cold weather protection. Coveralls, well, cover all and come in both indoor and cold weather styles. Deciding which is best for your company depends on the work you do and your uniform policy, but bibs and coveralls each have their pros and cons.


Bibs have the obvious advantage of allowing you to layer, which is essential to staying comfortable and not overheating. You can wear a jacket appropriate with the weather or no jacket at all on cooler days. Bibs are usually made from heavy material that insulates and protects.


While the name may make you think of heavy snowsuits from your childhood, most coveralls are made from lighter material and are intended to protect worker’s clothing instead of protect them from the elements. There are certainly coveralls made for harsh weather though. The big failing with them is the inability to effectively regulate temperature while staying functional. If you get hot while wearing overalls, your only real option is to unzip them a bit to allow heat to escape. This makes for an uncomfortable work uniform, to say the least.

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