Choosing a Uniform Rental Partner

Renting uniforms from a professional service is a great way to ensure that your staff has an adequate supply of clean and well cared for uniforms ready when they need it. However, when your industry calls for specific uniform requirements, such as sanitation and safety, choosing who to rent your uniforms from can be difficult.

For Sanitary Jobs

If you are in the medical or food industry, you are likely to need highly sanitary uniforms. In the healthcare industry, in particular, the sanitation of uniforms can have a dramatic impact n the wellbeing of those they’re serving. Likewise, in food service, if the uniform isn’t clean it can have severe implications for the health and quality of services patrons receive. With that in mind, the line between safety and sanitation is critical. When looking for a uniform supplier, you must find someone who can stay compliant with both industry guidelines.

For Safety Jobs

On the opposite side of the spectrum, uniforms for those in industries like car repair and construction have much different uniform needs. While their uniforms do not need to be sanitary, they do need to have significantly more safety features. Flame resistance, rubber linings, heat protection, and cold protection, are all items that might be required. Many of these items are required by legal standards. As you consider options for uniform rental services make sure that you take a hard look at the items your potential partner has to offer.

Questions To Ask

With your specific, highly sensitive uniform needs, it’s easy to become frustrated when looking for uniform rental partners. There are many options, and it’s hard to tell what will truly work for your company. As you begin your comparisons ask each company if they have other clients in your industry that you can speak with. If you are able to get reviews and recommendations, you will be better able to make a fully informed decision.

For All of Your Work Uniform Needs

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