Choosing Business Casual Work Apparel

If you’ve incorporated a dress policy for your company and have chosen Chesapeake Uniform as your rental provider, you might want to consider opting for business casual work apparel. Business casual apparel is the perfect combination of lightweight, professional apparel that isn’t too stuffy or overwhelming in a relaxed working environment. While business casual apparel can look different in a variety of work environments, it’s typically informal. For women, business casual apparel consists of a blazer cardigan with slacks. For men, business casual attire is a button-down shirt paired with khakis. Why choose to rent business casual work apparel?

Business Casual is Practical

Choosing to incorporate a business casual dress policy for your employees is a practical decision. Ditch the stuffy suits, formal blazers, and wool skirts for something that’s more comfortable and functional in a casual working environment. Suits and wool skirts are unrealistic for companies that have a lot of outdoor work, excessive heat, and on the ground walking from job site to job site. Opting for business casual uniform rentals can keep your employees professional and practical.


Often, business casual is more affordable than higher-end suits and wool skirts. You can choose high quality, business casual rentals without breaking the bank in comparison to more formal workwear. A designer silk suit for a woman is going to be far more costly than business casual apparel, which is straightforward and still high quality.

Endless Looks

For business casual looks, you can often pair a handful of styles with one another. This means that you have to invest less money upfront than you would if you were picking out one-of-a-kind work rental uniforms for your employees. You can mix and match with business casual apparel, through neutral polos paired with a pair of khakis or lightweight blazers mixed with select slacks. With business casual, you have unlimited minimalistic style choices that keep your appearance professional.

Boost Employee Morale

Numerous studies suggest that the clothing we wear directly impacts our mood. If an employee is wearing business casual clothing and feels comfortable, they might potentially feel happier in the working environment. A happier employee means more productivity at work, which can potentially boost your employee’s overall morale.

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