Choosing Outdoor Reporter Uniforms


When we think of occupations that wear uniforms, several spring immediately to mind: the military, police and other public servants, medical professionals, even retail and restaurant workers. All of these professions have an obvious uniform that each person wears. What most people don't think of is news anchors and other reporters, but there are several instances where a reporter would have what is considered a uniform. This is especially true when they are reporting from the outdoors. While most reporters can choose their clothes, when they head out into the field, they often have branded outerwear at least. When it comes to choosing the right outdoor reporter uniforms, many standard uniform considerations for choosing uniforms still apply.

What Is The Purpose?

Reporters don't spring to mind as an example of a uniformed employee because they usually get to pick their outfits. However, parts of those outfits are often uniform, branded pieces especially outerwear like rainwear and hats. Overall, every part of a reporter's attire needs to be professional, neat, and presentable, intended to instill confidence in the viewer. Color choices should be high contrast without any overly busy patterns so that the clothes look good across different types of technology. All parts of the uniform should keep the reporter comfortable, regardless of the weather (more on that in a moment). Finally, the clothing should also match the brand personality of the show or network – not too formal or too casual.

Is It Comfortable and Protective?

Whenever the reporter is outside in the elements, the uniform pieces should provide protection while also being comfortable. No part of the outfit should be excessively bulky or hinder movement. There should be effective layers to the uniform, including inner layers that wick away moisture, a middle insulation layer, and an outer wind and/or waterproof layer. If the field reporter is routinely out in bad weather, the uniform should extend past the obvious waterproof jacket and include waterproof pants and shoes as well. Outdoor reporters should also have any accessories required by the weather – hats, gloves or mittens, scarves. Thermal insoles are another useful part of the uniform for outdoor reporters, especially for weather reporters in areas with sub-zero winters or sports reporters during football season. Finally, each of the layers should also include branding so the reporters in the field are easily recognized and news personnel, especially in areas where this grants them safety or access.

For All of Your Uniform Needs

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