Choosing Uniform Fabrics that Keep Workers Cool

When the summer heats up, your employees might be at risk of heat-related injuries, especially if their uniforms trap the heat in rather than letting it out. Not only can heat cause muscle, lung, and heart issues, but it can cause fatalities if heat stroke occurs. Not to mention, when employees are overly hot they begin to lose focus making them more susceptible to injury and accidents. One of the best ways to prevent overheating is to make sure employees have access to areas where they can cool down, that they stay hydrated, and that their uniforms help them beat the heat.


Cotton has been a summertime staple since its discovery, with its natural, breathable qualities cotton based uniforms can help keep air circulating around the body rather than trapping it. Cotton also helps to absorb sweat keeping you comfortable and cool.


This common fabric type has come a long way since the 70’s and is often used to make microfiber fabric, which is highly durable and moisture wicking. That said, polyester uniforms should be checked before purchase as some can be less breathable depending on the composition.

Blended Polyester

Breathable polyester varieties can be significantly improved upon when blended with other materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and others. A mixture of cotton and polyester is one of the best mixes of form and function for a durable and cool summer uniform.

Moisture Wicking

If a fabric blend claims to be moisture wicking, it usually means that the mix of materials used will help pull moisture away from the interior of the fabric and push it to the exterior where it can dry more rapidly. This is done by using a tighter weave on the interior than the surface. A moisture-wicking uniform will help keep employees cool and dry no matter the conditions.

For All of Your Waterproof Rainwear Uniform Needs

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