Choosing Uniforms for a Car Dealership

Employee uniforms are all about cohesion, enhancing a sense of community , and creating an approachable and recognizable environment for customers. It’s also a great way to market your brand and help customers remember exactly where they got such excellent service. Check out these tips for choosing uniforms for a car dealership.


Your first priority in choosing uniforms for a car dealership is ensuring that the clothing your employees will wear reflects the overall brand of the dealership. Regardless of their position, each employee should be wearing a uniform that is consistent, well fitting, and professionals. For marketing purposes, each shirt should include the logo or name of the dealership, and even the logos for the makes that are available there. If there are specific colors or a slogan associated with the dealership, the uniforms also serve as the perfect platform to express those elements of the brand.

Customer Service Representatives

Your customer service representatives are those that communicate the most with your customers. Therefore, the uniforms that they wear should be professional and approachable. Some dealerships even opt to have each person’s name stitched into their shirts, so that customers are able to recognize and refer to them by name, creating a friendlier environment. Their uniforms should be coordinated and look like they are all individual members of a collective team.


Many dealerships aren’t just show rooms and offices; they also include areas where customers can bring their cars in for service. That means that vehicle technicians are also members of your staff. The type of work that they do will be different from those that work directly with customers. With that said, in addition to the look of their uniforms, you should also consider the performance. Choose garments and materials that give them the comfort and flexibility to work on the cars. The materials should be breathable and flexible, yet well fitting. Just like the clothing that your customer representatives wear, these looks should also reflect the branding messages of the dealership.

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