Choosing your Employee Uniforms

When you are beginning a new business, there are many different details to keep in mind. One of the biggest areas to consider is your staff. You must consider what you want from your staff, what procedures you wish to have in place, and how you want your staff to appear to your clients or customers. Many business owners like the idea of employee uniforms, but aren't sure how to accomplish a look that will keep staff happy and not break the budget.

What to Consider in your Employee Uniforms

· Test of Time- Fashion tends to change every few years or so, and you don't want to continuously spend money to keep up with the trends. Try to keep your employee uniforms simple and classic instead of trying to compete with what is trendy at the time. Simple tends to mean timeless, which means your uniforms won't seem dated later on down the road.

· Formal or Casual- Your employee uniforms will help set the tone of your business. You must make the decision about what type of tone and atmosphere you would like to have in your business. Ties, jackets, and vests are great ways to keep a more formal uniform while t-shirts and khakis can help create a more casual setting.

· Color Scheme- In order to keep your staff looking neat and together, choose a color scheme to incorporate with your uniforms instead of having a number of different colors. Choose two or three colors to use in different ways with the uniform to keep things fun, but neat.

· Function and Comfort – It is important to keep the comfort of your staff in mind while also considering the jobs they will be performing. If they will be doing more physical labor, uniforms should be kept light and loose. Jobs that require the involvement of chemicals or other liquids should have uniforms that protect the skin.

· Buy or Rent- Renting your employee uniforms is a great way to remove stress and money from the equation. Rental services allow you to not stress about clean and professional looking uniforms while also removing the cost of repurchasing items when they become worn or damaged.

Employee Uniforms with Chesapeake Uniforms

Chesapeake Uniform has been providing uniform rental services for over 30 years to the following areas:

· Maryland

· Delaware

· Washington DC

· Southern Pennsylvania

· Northern Virginia

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