How to Clean Tough Stains Out of Your Work Uniform

Your work uniform is exposed to a lot of tough conditions. Mechanics, working on cars isn’t an easy job. Between sweat, grime, and grease -- you’re dealing with a lot of tough stains that aren’t easy to get rid of. Even construction workers are exposed to environmental elements that can be hard to scrub clean. Dirt and oil are no easy feat. With Chesapeake Uniform, we can teach you how to clean tough stains out of your work uniform. This will help your work uniform stay fresh in its appearance, and you can feel solid about how you look during the workday.

Cleaning Grease From Your Work Uniform

Mechanics are expected to have some level of grease on their uniform, as a basic part of the job from tending to cars all day long. Regardless, you still want to look presentable for work and ensure that you adequately eliminate grease stains from your work uniform on a daily basis. One of the most favorable grease removal techniques is scrubbing Dawn brand dish soap directly on the grease stain, and rinsing with warm water. Then, run your uniform through a sanitizing wash cycle and dry through a permanent press setting.

Eliminating Sweat

The best way to eliminate sweat stains and odors from your work uniform is to purchase Tide Sports detergent, which is highly sanitizing and effective to clean clothing. You’ll want to add your Tide Sports detergent into your washer on a hot setting. The hot, soapy water in your washer will help eliminate sweat odors and sweat stains from your work uniform. After your work uniform is finished washing, place it in the dryer at a normal setting.

Invest in Work Uniform Rentals

Can’t seem to get any stains out of your work uniforms even with a few of our tried and true techniques? Invest in work uniform rentals instead! You can rent our work uniforms for a short period of time rather than long term, which will help reduce stains and sweat all over your work clothing. Contact Chesapeake Uniform today!

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