Considerations for Finding the Right High-Visibility Apparel

For many careers, visibility is a very important element for the safety of workers. Especially for work based outdoors, high visibility is often what stands between safe, cautious work and accidents waiting to happen. Depending on your career and job site, you must consider certain aspects of your work in choosing what high-visibility apparel is right for the job.


First, you should know which category your work falls under; if it is low risk or very high risk or somewhere in between. Having a gauge of where you career falls will help narrow down which apparel would be the most appropriate for the work that you do. The clothing classes specify if vests, full sleeves, pants, or other accessories will be required. Features to consider include color, material, and technology.


The color of your high-visibility apparel is one of the most important features of the gear. The fluorescent shades of yellow, orange, red, and green aren’t typically found in nature and are, therefore, essential to setting workers apart from environmental backgrounds. For roadway workers, they also shine brightly against the lights of oncoming traffic, helping drivers see people working nearby.


You should also consider the material of your high-visibility gear as certain materials are more efficient than others to specific careers. Flame-resistant materials would be essential for workers who handle equipment related to electrical or chemical industries. Temperature-sensitive materials would be beneficial for outdoor-based industries in order to provide insulation in colder weather and facilitate airflow in the heat.


The technology in high-visibility apparel enhances the effectiveness of the fluorescent colors and material. Reflective technology ensures full visibility in both low light and daytime conditions. Specifically, for outdoor and roadwork, reflective technology that shines against car lights and wraps around the front and back of the clothing are enhancements that increase safety.

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