employee-uniforms.jpgEmployee Uniforms Lead to Repeat Customers

When it comes to running a successful business, it's no secret that keeping your customers happy and inspiring them to return or purchase more of your products or services is key. In fact, according to research conducted by Harvard University, even a small number of repeat visits can have a drastic effect on revenue. Raising repeat visits by only 5% can increase revenue between 25% and 125%. Here is how employee uniforms lead to happy customers and can help you achieve those goals.

Repeat Customers Create Revenue

If a customer comes back once, they are likely to return repeatedly, having made visiting your business a habit and regular part of their life. A customer who visits a business only one time has just under a 30% chance of coming back again, while one who has visited 3 times has a 54% chance of coming back.

Repeat Customers Spend More

Uniforms help to create a unified front, a reference point for your brand, and inspire trust in employees. The more your customers trust in and feel comfortable with your employees, the more likely they are to take their advice and make purchases. Repeat customers will spend up to 67% more than first time customers. With every good purchase a customer makes from you, they will feel more and more comfortable making larger future purchases. Statistically, a customer's 10th purchase is often 80% bigger than their first.

Repeat Customers Save You Money

The fact is, it is far more expensive to find new customers than it is to maintain a regular client base. It costs 6 times as much to acquire new customers as it does to keep existing ones. Through dedicated professionalism it is possible to keep customers coming back again and again. It is important to do this by maintaining positive relationships and ensuring that your customers have a good experience. Uniforms help create a unified sense of professionalism. In fact, studies have shown that customers trust uniformed employees more readily than non-uniformed employees. This will allow your employees to help guide them toward purchases, and be more visible during times of emergency.

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