Employee Uniforms: Rent or Buy?

Countless organizations require employee uniforms to perform their work and maintain an image. The fields of medicine, hospitality, cuisine, public safety, and others all need special, well-designed outfits. Still, the question that employers may ask is whether or not they should rent or buy uniforms. If you are wondering how to decide this, check out the following factors.

The Cost

There is no denying that renting is always more expensive than buying. Even though renting has a lower upfront cost per uniform, the annual spending can be twice as much as if the same uniforms were bought, even at a higher price. If your priority is to save money, you'll likely want to purchase. However, there are other reasons you might want to rent instead.

Wear and Tear

If your work requires getting down in the dirt, so to speak, on a frequent basis, renting is the better option. Why? The rental contract will likely include an industrial cleaning service along with the clothes and gear. You can have the best of both worlds: high-quality uniforms paired with high-quality cleaning. If heavy stains and rips are far less likely in your profession, you can expect the uniforms to last between 2-5 years, the same length as many rental contracts.


When you purchase employee uniforms, you don't have to worry so much about hidden fees. When you rent, however, you'll be signing a contract that you should understand thoroughly beforehand. Make sure you know if there are extra charges, how easy it is to cancel if necessary, and whether or not you will have to purchase uniforms at the end of it. Many rental companies offer repair and replacements as well.

Employee Turnover

Another factor to consider is your employee turnover rate. If you have a higher employee turnover, it might be more cost-effective to rent than buy. If you expect your employees to stay for at least a few years, purchasing works better. You might even have more options for customization.


There's more to renting or buying employee uniforms than meets the eye. While purchasing may save money, there's also the unseen costs of washing, repairing, and replacing. You might also waste money when employee turnover is high. On the other hand, renting comes with a laundry and replacement contract that could have extra fees to understand. Ultimately, you'll want to find a trusted employee uniform provider that can give you excellent guidance.

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