Hospitality Uniform Trends for 2021

Planning on investing in hospitality uniforms for your hospitality team in 2021? There are a few trends to take into consideration for your hospitality business that will help your professional image and lead your way into the new year with style. By staying on top of hospitality uniform trends, you can ensure that your brand appears professional and looks sharp to your customer base. This will help market your brand to your clientele and keep your employee's confidence while they work. Here are a few hospitality uniform trends for 2021 that we're predicting to not be eighty-sixed.

Functional Hospitality Uniforms over Form-Restrictive Apparel

Since COVID-19 hit, the hospitality industry has had to transform itself many times in order to keep up with constantly changing laws and regulations on a state-by-state basis. That means that in 2021, we are predicting an influx of functionality over form for uniform rentals. Say goodbye to stiff blazers and suits -- the hospitality industry is welcoming casual blouses, khakis, and functionality within the industry over form-restrictive shaped apparel. This allows servers, bussers, and bartenders to quickly fill takeout orders while tending to their outdoor diners.

Individuality Statement Pieces Blended with Uniforms

Were also predicting individual statement pieces being blended with work uniforms. For example, wearing brightly colored masks as an expression of individuality among a sea of masks within restaurants while diners are being served. We've also picked up on additional ways that hospitality employees can make individuality statements while wearing their hospitality uniforms: through statement jewelry, aprons, bartender keys, unique face shields, hairstyles, and statement sneakers. Hospitality workers can express themselves through unique ways outside of their uniforms, and we're predicting that restaurants will become lax about these forms of self-expression.

Another trend on the upswing is color-customized uniform divisions within the hospitality industry. For example, you might have your Front of House don blue button-downs with khakis. Meanwhile, you place your Back of House in grey or black shirts to protect from kitchen mishaps and spills. By color-customizing your hospitality uniforms based upon whether they're front or back of house, you can make their appearance and roles distinguished throughout the restaurant.

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