How Different Colors Influence Uniform Design

When you run a hotel or other hospitality establishment, you always want to ensure that your employee uniforms look their best. Part of this entails choosing colors that look good together and also reflect the aesthetic of your hotel. So the question is, what do you need to know about the various colors?


If you want your employees to feel energetic, powerful, lucky, and confident, then it’s time to pick red for your uniforms. This bold color can be one of the most striking and eye-catching designs that you can use. It can also help speed up heart rate and boost the appetite, so it’s probably a good idea to have employees in the hotel buffet wearing red. Fitness centers and other places full of activity are good places to use red as part of the color scheme as well.


Orange is similar to red, not only on a visual level, but by the effects it has. It’s very attention-getting. One way to use this is for employees to wear a specific shade of orange that tells guests that your employee is easy to find in a crowded hallway or packed elevator. Hotel restaurants and gift shops can benefit from these uniforms the most.


As for yellow, well, what can we say about yellow? It’s warm and encouraging. It’s also optimistic and welcoming. Even if you prefer the front desk staff wear darker colors to add a sense of class and professionalism, you can allow them to accessorize with items such as yellow neckties or hairbands. Yellow also helps boost the metabolism, too.


Let’s turn our attention to green. The color green is often associated with money.. With that in mind, consider having all of the employees in the casino, from bartenders to dealers to security guards wear green uniforms. It’s also very calming, which is why hospitals and wellness centers tend to use it as much as they can.


One color that is even more calming than green is blue. It helps reduce blood pressure and decrease heartrate while boosting productivity. That’s why hotel spas, offices, and first aid clinics should incorporate it into their design.


Finally, it’s worth it to think about the color purple for a minute. This helps make your hotel look classier, since purple has long been associated with the color of royalty. Hotels, salons, and spas should take advantage of this type of color psychology and turn it to their benefit.

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