When designing the uniforms for your business , regardless of your industry, choosing the right color can feel like a major decision. Whether or not you realize it, many uniform colors are standardized throughout industries and time tested for their effectiveness. So, how important are uniform colors?

Think About Fast Food

Fast food restaurants, especially the most popular ones, all seem to use the same few colors in their restaurants, in their branding, and in their uniforms. Think about what colors you associate with fast food—yellow and red. Bright red is typically chosen because it draws attention to the restaurant and creates a sense of excitement and urgency in the consumer. Yellows are used because they make customers feel happy, so that they feel good about purchasing whatever they are going to.

Why Do Uniform Colors Matter?

Like we noted above, certain colors are psychologically linked to certain emotional and biological responses. Almost every person would say that they are not influenced by uniform color or restaurant branding, but when in a scientific study almost every person will show that they are influenced.

Many successful businesses in different industries also rely on uniform color to complete their branding and offer a sense of reliability and expertise. UPS is well-known for using brown for its trucks and driver uniforms because that color is associated with reliability. Over time, the color has become inextricably linked with their products, with home delivery in general, and with their drivers.

Choose Your Employee Uniform Color

Now that you know why uniform colors are important, it’s time to choose the right uniform color for your business. Take the time to perform research into what you want to convey and what colors influence your customers. Mechanics and plumbers are almost always going to want different uniform colors than fast food workers. The most common colors are:

· White: clean

· Black: authority, power

· Green: calming, growth

· Purple: distinguished, elegant

· Orange: warm, playful

· Silver: scientific, advanced

· Red: exciting, confidence

· Blue: trust

· Yellow: happiness, positivity

· Gold: prestigious, distinguished

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