How Much Can Your Company Save With a Uniform Rental Service?

Uniforms are a great addition to your business. When clients come in and see uniformed employees, it presents a more unified front . If a client needs assistance with anything, uniformed employees are easily distinguishable and the client can get help immediately. When employees go out to perform a service, people will know who they are when they see the company’s logo. This will increase your company’s visibility. When you implement a uniform policy, you don’t have to worry about anyone coming to work and looking unprofessional. You know that your uniforms will keep your employees and your business looking cohesive and professional.

That said, you need to figure out whether you will be purchasing the uniforms or renting them . Here, we look at a couple of the ways renting can save you money.

Saving Your Profits

Regular laundry bills are expensive and add up quickly. Dry cleaning is more expensive and adds up even faster. Now multiply that by your entire work force who needs a clean uniform every day, and that adds up to be quite a lot of money. The more money you’re spending on uniforms, the less you’re actually profiting from your business.

A uniform rental service will take care of the cleaning for you for one flat fee. Employees will be able to save their money and they won’t have to ask for more raises just to cover constant uniform cleaning costs.

Constant Replacement is No Longer an Issue

Clothing wears out over time, especially when it’s a work uniform that needs to be worn every day. If you want your team to stay looking professional, you will have to replace their uniforms periodically. These costs add up quickly. Employees who are left with these costs themselves are likely to avoid having the necessary maintenance done or will find a cheap way to do it that may damage the uniform over time.

With a uniform rental service that includes maintenance, you don’t have to worry. The service will keep your work force looking professional.

Rent Employee Work Uniforms with Chesapeake Uniforms

Chesapeake Uniform has been providing uniform rental services for over 30 years to the following areas:

· Maryland

· Delaware

· Washington DC

· Southern Pennsylvania

· Northern Virginia

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the most competitive prices thanks to our national affiliation with ApparelMaster®.

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