How to Choose New-Look Uniforms for Your Restaurant Employees

Even with everything in a downturn right now, restaurants are starting to open back up again. Indoor and outdoor seating are both options, although lower capacities will be the norm for the foreseeable future. Now that business is starting an uptick, it’s a crucial time for your cafe, eatery, bar, or restaurant. If you are in need of fresh, new-look uniforms, then it’s time to follow through on it. Keep reading to find out how to do this!

Make Your Message a Priority

Customer service and making a good impression are essential. Consider them the building blocks of your business. Otherwise, all the overhead and expenses you cover won’t mean much. Income and revenue will help your restaurant stay strong and gain a good reputation in your surrounding community. One way to do this is to prioritze the kind of message you want to send. Waistcoats and pants can reflect the professionalism of your employees, but this typically depends on the style of house you are running. Aprons are also good ideas. That said, maybe you want something a little bit more casual? That’s totally fine as well. Better quality t-shirts and collared shirts look good and are durable enough to withstand whatever happens during a shift.

Think About the Branding

Likewise, you’ve got to think about the effect of proper branding. Branding matters more than you might think - take a minute to reflect on the t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and koozies you sell as souvenirs. How do they look? As they go into the wider world, do they help make your brand more visible? Colors go a long way towards influencing how your employees look and what your patrons think of them.

Consider How Comfortable The Uniforms Are

Comfort is also incredibly important. Your hosts, hostesses, servers, bartenders, cooks, and chefs are bound to spend all day on their feet. They’ll rarely get a chance to sit down, catch their breath, and rest. That’s the main reason why the new-look uniforms you choose have to be as comfortable as possible. The skin should be able to breathe, especially since it gets so hot in the kitchen. Cotton or viscose are good materials in this respect, but you’ll want to avoid nylon.

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