Fall’s just a week away and that means winters isn’t far behind. If you work outdoors for a living you need to be able to dress appropriately not just so you’re comfortable at work, but to keep you safe. Since temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and your body temperature changes as you work harder, you need to know how to effectively layer for fall in order to be ready for anything.

Base Layer

Your base layer needs to be comfortable and moisture-wicking since it is against your skin. Activewear is a good choice for a base layer since it will help regulate your body temperature and is usually made from lightweight, soft and stretchy material. Synthetic fabrics or merino wool are good choices for this layer.

Middle Layer

The middle layer is used for insulating. It works by trapping warm air and keeping it close to your body. The type of insulation used in your middle layer makes a difference in how it will perform. Natural fibers and classic fleece are the most common options, as both have great warmth-to-weight ratios.

Shell Layer

The outer layer needs to do two things well: protect you from wind and keep you dry. Wind protection is important because nothing can chill you faster than a strong, cold wind. Since the materials used to make your middle layer are usually not waterproof, and may even lose their insulating abilities if they get wet, a good shell needs to keep your other layers dry. Shells are either waterproof or water-resistant. A water-resistant shell will be enough from average rain storms, but if you know you’ll be working in extreme conditions consider going totally waterproof.

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