How To Keep Employee Uniforms Clean

If your company is the kind that requires uniform wear, chances are that the jobs your employees are doing are specialized. Think about the kinds of people that wear uniforms – HVAC technicians, house painters, landscapers, nurses, cafeteria workers, restaurant employees. Each of these jobs requires unique design and material, either for freedom of movement, for resistance to staining, or for bodily protection. It makes sense, then, that the care of all of these uniforms is vastly different. As a company, that can end up being a forgotten big ticket item on budgeting day.

Wash At Home, or Wash At Work?

With a washer and dryer in your home, why not let your employees make it their responsibility? Depending on the time of wear and tear their uniforms go through, it’s not such a bad idea. Servers and nurses can probably eradicate food stains and repairs button losses; most of the materials used to make those kinds of uniforms are common enough to use standard detergent. But what about firefighters, HVAC techs, or painters? Those kinds of rips and stains customary for those employees aren’t something that can or should be shouldered by a home washer and dryer. It would make sense to maintain an in-house heavy duty washing machine and industrial dryer; it would save money on constantly replacing uniforms and on employees forgetting to bring them in washed. But those machines are costly, considering their electrical burden and the additional employees it would take to run them.

What Else Is There?

A third option exists. Instead of owning and maintaining your own uniforms, your company could rent them from an all-inclusive uniform rental facility! This facility knows company uniforms – they know how to wash them, repair them, and when there’s nothing more that can be done to save them. Although it may seem like an investment upfront, it could end up saving money in the long term for your employee’s to always have fresh uniforms with no fading, tearing, staining, or stretching. The professionals know how to treat company uniforms. They can only benefit from each of its clients being happy with the product.

Let the Professionals Help You Decide What’s Possible For You

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