How to Make Sure That Your Uniforms Look Their Best

When it comes to your uniforms, professionalism should be one of the reasons why you always ensure that they are well taken care of every day. Starting a new uniform policy can be a tall task for almost anyone. It doesn’t matter what type of uniforms you need, they need to look good regardless.

Get Better Uniforms

First of all, make sure you get better uniforms. If the previous vendor you used to supply your company with your employee uniforms doesn’t meet your expectations, end your contract. It’s clearly time to find a different partner that can create uniforms that won’t rip, tear, or crumple while the uniforms are in use. Uniforms can also help indicate who an emergency responder is an who a heroic civilian is.

Make Sure They Fit

The next thing to remember is that all of your uniforms should be well-fitted. For law enforcement officers and other responders, having a uniform that fits is even more important. This can prevent accidents or other tragedies from happening because a sleeve is too long or a hem is too short. Trousers and shoes should also both look good and fit well, reflecting a flattering image for all of your employees and officers.

Blouse the Shirt

Tucking the shirt in is important, but you don’t want to overdo it. Blousing the shirt means picking up some of the slack and pulling it out. It helps smooth out the look of the uniform shirt and it is also more flattering as well. Although getting tailored shirts can enhance the sense of professionalism, you will also want employees to be comfortable as well.

Follow the Gig Line

The next suggestion is to follow the gig line. This term applies to designing and aligning your uniforms. Every element of the uniform should be lined up neatly. It improves the symmetry of the way the uniforms look. This helps prevent a sloppy appearance that can create negative connotations.

Taking Care of the Uniforms

Replace any buttons that are missing. Then, find any other buttons, zippers, or joints that are frayed, torn, or broken. Get rid of spots, stains, and loose threads. Belts, boots, shoes, vests, gloves, and helmets - are key parts of uniforms must also be kept in good condition as well.

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