How to Make Your Business Uniforms More Interesting

If you think your business needs to have uniforms, then that’s great. However, you can’t forget this: you need to make sure that the uniforms are eye-catching and interesting. If they aren’t, then you run the risk of customers and employees alike reacting poorly to them. Here’s how to make your business uniforms more interesting.

Change the Designs

Don’t let your uniform designs get stale. Even if you use the same general color scheme, change how the uniforms look every six months or so. Sometimes, the start of a new year can begin a new cycle of uniforms. If your uniforms incorporate polo shirts, then order a new set every quarter. That’s one way to make your uniforms more interesting. Let the employees have some input on the design, and try to align your uniform redesigns with a company-wide rebranding event or a new product launch.

Engage Potential Customers

Depending on the type of business you run, the uniforms could include t-shirts. These are especially popular in chain restaurants. Adding jokes, questions, or puns to the shirts can catch the interest of all your customers that walk in. Selling merchandise such as shirts, hats, and sweatshirts with the same branding can also give your customers an opportunity to feel more connected to your business, although these aren’t necessarily conventional uniform components.

Use Stunning Images

Using imagery is another way to get the attention of your audience and help liven up your company’s uniforms. One way to do this is to redesign the logo – even if your company’s name doesn’t change, the symbol associated with it might. Think about how sports teams rely on logos and uniform designs to keep their looks fresh or reflect changes in the culture over time. It can be the same way for your business. You can also include graphics or pictures that represent your newest products, services, or items.

Choose Colors

When it comes to giving your uniforms a new look, choosing the right colors is essential. While darker colors are more professional, brighter colors are more attention-grabbing. Make sure the uniform colors enable your employees to be easily visible and stand out from the crowd in your busy store or building.

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