How to Make Your Hotel Uniforms More Interesting

Hotel employees need to have the best-looking uniforms. When you arrange these, it reflects better on your business and helps your guests feel more comfortable when they see clean, crisp, and beautiful uniforms. That said you don’t want your hotel uniforms to be too boring. Here’s how you can make them more interesting.

Add Some Color

When it comes to designing hotel uniforms, color is essential. Adding color is hugely beneficial for all types of uniforms, especially since there is proven psychology behind it. To achieve a new, colorful look, you may have to replace your current uniforms, or simply switch out one part for something brighter and more fun-looking. It all depends on the aesthetic of your hotel and the vibe you are going for.


For smaller hotels who are worried about how to upgrade their hotel uniforms, accessories can make a difference. Allow your employees to accessorize in small ways – this means permitting hair accessories and jewelry that is tasteful and eye-catching – and bracelets and necklaces that are bright without being distracting. You can even allow employees to choose their own accessories, as long as it is within reason.

Improve Footwear

Don’t overlook the footwear that your employees use. Shoes, boots, and sandals – all of these are important for making an impression on your guests. Think about some new, stylish shoes that can help enhance the look of your hotel uniforms.

Add Some Patches

You may have seen decorative patches on jackets or sports team uniforms. However, adding some patches to your hotel uniforms is a unique touch that your competitors might not take advantage of. This leaves an opportunity for you. Show support for local teams, organizations, and charities, which can be another way to impress your guests and help build your hotel’s reputation in the community. You can also issue patches to mark anniversaries and milestones – maybe your hotel has been in business for twenty years, or you can recognize individual employee excellence and length of service with patches on their uniform.

For All of Your Work Uniform Needs

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