Keeping Hospital and Healthcare Uniforms Clean

If you love to watch hospital dramas on TV, then you know how messy the healthcare industry can be. Keeping the uniforms used by employees here isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons, but for hygiene as well. Here is a guide to keeping your hospital and healthcare service uniforms clean.

Scrubs and Coats

Hospital scrubs and lab coats are two of the most common pieces of healthcare apparel. They are often found worn in grocery store pharmacies and elsewhere besides there, such as in dental offices. The patients and the surrounding environments can contaminate this clothing, even if they still look like their original color. After all, not all hospital attire is always the same color! When employees are provided with their uniforms, it is the most sanitary solution out there.

Transmission Potential

Something else to keep in mind is the transmission potential of germs and other types of bacteria. Addressing infection control is an important first step in preventing accidental cross-contamination. Scrubs need to be cleaned, stored, and sanitized carefully, otherwise, viruses can continue to linger no matter how many times they are washed. Antimicrobial fabrics also help fight off the presence of pathogens, but it still isn’t enough. Gloves and gowns can help lower the potential, but even that isn’t foolproof.

Out in Public

Most of the time, scrubs and other pieces of clothing are meant for the workplace inside clinics, hospices, and recovery centers. However many employees tend to wear them in places outside of the emergency room or the trauma ward. After all, the healthcare industry relies on long, exhausting shifts almost every day. Germs coming out of the hospital, even in an originally sterile environment, can spread out once they have been exposed to elsewhere. Mandating a professional uniform policy can help prevent patients and pedestrians becoming mixed up with non-healthcare-related scrubs. Draw up a uniform or set of uniforms specifically assigned for all of your employees to wear while they are at work. This can prevent confusion with visitors who happen to be wearing scrubs but need to come into your hospital because it is the closest to where they were hurt or injured.

At Home

Having nurses and doctors buy their own scrubs and lab coats may seem like a cost-saving measure at first. However, in some cases, you shouldn’t skimp. The transmission of germs crossing between the two environments carries risks that should be considered unacceptable. Don’t let this happen - order the highest-quality uniforms from the best partner that you can!

Uniforms From Chesapeake Uniforms

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