Keeping Your Scrubs Clean

Keeping your scrubs clean isn’t just about appearance, but health and hygiene as well – for you and your patients. Check out these tips for keeping your scrubs sterile and clean.


This might be a step that you usually skip with your laundry, but pre-treating your scrubs goes a long way toward keeping them in pristine condition . Try washing your scrubs separately from the rest of your clothes, using cold water. Add half a cup of vinegar to help set the color and keep your scrubs looking fresh for a longer amount of time. Working in the medical profession, you probably use a lot of disinfectant, which can be harsh on the fabric. This process will help preserve the fabric of your scrubs.

Reserve for Work

Scrubs are known for being a comfortable work uniform, when compared to other industries. However, it’s important that you reserve your scrubs for work purposes rather than also wearing them as loungewear. Some medical professionals even suggest keeping your scrubs at work to prevent the temptation of taking out a pair for a quick run to the grocery store. In addition, store them in clean plastic bags at home to help keep them sterile after you’ve washed them.

Say No to Fabric Softener

It’s just the next step in the washing process for most people but using fabric softener on scrubs will break down the structure of the fabric. Instead, opt for dryer sheets that won’t cause the same amount of damage as softener. Many scrubs are meant to be stain resistant but using fabric softener takes away that property.

Disinfect in Hot Water

As a medical professional, you’ll encounter many types of scenarios that require your scrubs to be regularly disinfected. Use cold water to wash away the stains and then use a second wash with hot water to effectively disinfect your scrubs. Add a color-safe bleach or even a prescribed disinfecting agent.

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