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Once you've decided that a specialized uniform is the right decision for the employees in your business, either because you want to improve their productivity or increase their visibility with customers, you still have some aesthetic design choices to make. The function and design of the uniform will likely be determined by your industry (like scrubs in the medical field), with safety considerations being paramount. Color and style, on the other hand, should be ruled by your brand. But how do you highlight your brand and logo on the uniform? For many businesses the answer has always been embroidery, but more and more are turning to screen printing as a cost-effective and visually pleasing alternative.

What Is Screen Printing?

Also called silk screening, this is a process of printing an image onto fabric through a mesh screen. The screen was originally made of silk (hence the name) but is more often than not polyester today. It is first printed with a negative image of your design and then the thick ink that actually adheres to your shirt is applied over that, and it only seeps through in the void space (your image). This is a great way to achieve a clear logo that pops, and it is often more cost effective in quantity, but there are also some drawbacks that you need to account for in your design.

Design Considerations

When creating the design for your screen printed uniforms, remember k.i.s.s: keep it super simple. Don't drown out your logo with a bunch of additional imagery. Don't overwhelm the shirt with too many colors (in fact, screen printing works best with minimal colors). When you do choose colors, try to make them something that is easily associated to your service and brand (so that when people see that color later, they connect back to the branding they've seen).

Other Considerations

When you settle on screen printing for your uniforms, take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of your screen printer. Be flexible about the design and truly consider their suggestions. They aren't suggesting changes to your design to be mean. They have printed thousands of shirts and they know what works well and what doesn't to create an end product that looks amazing. Finally, you must closely examine the proof once you get it – once the presses start, there is no going back to fix or change a shirt that has been screen printed.

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