Uniforms are a very beneficial part of any business. They help customers to easily identify your employees, and make it easier for those customers to approach and trust them. Uniforms also help your employees to feel more confident and be more productive. But even the most professional uniform can get stale after a while. This is one of the major reasons that many companies choose to update their uniforms periodically. If you're considering overhauling your uniform program, read on for some helpful additional information.

Reasons To Refresh

One reason companies consider updating uniforms is to stay in with fashion trends. This isn't a ridiculous consideration either. While the practicality of uniforms is the most important consideration, especially when it comes to safety features, having stylish uniforms can help employees feel better about wearing them. Another reason to refresh is that new uniforms offer the opportunity to celebrate (and promote or market with) anniversaries or events. If you're reaching a milestone year, don't be afraid to “shout it out' with new uniforms. This could actually work as good marketing and draw in new business or even remind past customers about you and bring them back. You could also use a new uniform with a special design to “shout out" your shining star employees, like the employee of the month or one who achieves great customer service. This is one way that you can make employees feel valued, which is more likely to encourage them to strive for excellence. Finally, if you are rebranding, changing the look of your uniform is likely going to be an important step. Your uniform sets the tone for your establishment, so consider the vibe you want to give before making the decision on new uniforms.

Out With The Old?

So if you replace the old uniforms, does that mean that you have to throw them all away? It depends on the reason that you're changing them. For instance, if you have rebranded and you are changing from a semi-casual khaki and polo uniform to a more upscale slacks and button down shirt look, those old polos have got to go. Likewise, if you've changed your logo or brand colors, the new uniforms would be out of place. This can be an expensive proposition if you buy uniforms for all your employees, so it is an important consideration in the decision. However, if you are simply adding a new style that highlights an achievement and still compliments the existing uniform, there's no reason that employees can't keep the old. Remember, it should still be clear that both uniforms are on employees from the same company.

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