The Origins of Nursing Work Uniforms

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Chesapeake Uniform would like to take the time to thank all nursing providers and professionals for their societal contributions and caretaking measures. We know that COVID-19 has hit medical professionals incredibly hard, and we understand that your long shifts in scrubs has likely left you feeling exhausted at the end of each day. Your work uniform goes beyond just being an outfit that you put on in a medical setting -- it's a representation of your contributions to society as a nurse. Here's a little reflection on the origins of nursing uniforms in America.

Nursing Work Uniforms Originated in the Civil War Era

Nurse uniforms trace back to the Civil War era in America, where nurses donned a long-sleeved grey tweed dress designed by Florence Nightingale that was meant to represent responsibility. While the dress was specifically designed to be as plain as possible, dark in color to cover bloodstains, and followed the fashion of the time period.

Modern Nursing Uniforms: Form Follows Function

As nursing work uniforms have continued to evolve throughout the years, the general rule of thumb for nursing uniforms is that form follows function. Form following function means that nurse uniforms should take function into consideration before aesthetics. A nursing uniform should be easy to move in while tending to patients, comfortable, and simple to maintain. As a result, nursing work uniforms have evolved from dresses to loose scrubs.

Reasons to Rent Your Nursing Uniform

Nursing uniform rentals can help provide you with numerous scrub options when you need them, and different colors as the seasons shift. If your hospital allows you to change color shades and patterns dependent upon your department, you might benefit from implementing a nursing uniform rental company. Chesapeake Uniform can help.

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