If your business operates within the realm of public safety, whether that means event staff or even private security, you need a good way to identify your team members. Uniforms are a great way to make sure everyone knows who’s who, but it can be hard to tell a uniform from any other piece of clothing in a big crowd. If this sounds familiar, you should consider public safety headwear for your team.


Singling someone out in a crowd isn’t easy, especially from ground level. Colors and bodies blend together and picking out someone who’s there to help can be tough. It’s important to be able to immediately recognize someone who can help in an emergency situation. Increasing your team’s visibility will help improve response time and make your public safety team more efficient. Increasing visibility has advantages outside of public safety, too. In industrial settings especially it’s important to make sure your employees are visible. Employees should be easy to spot by drivers if your work site is near a road, and by heavy machine operators.

Headwear Can Help

Public safety headwear, usually ball caps, help identify your team as the go-to people in an emergency. A nice bright color with a company logo will increase their visibility and help patrons find assistance quickly. Even darker colors will help increase visibility since patrons will recognize it as part of your uniform. Plus your employees get the obvious benefits of headwear, mainly protection from the sun.

Uniforms From Chesapeake Uniforms

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