Safety Benefits of Protective Gloves

When it comes to employee safety we tend to focus on the obvious; glasses, unique fabric for uniforms, durable shoes, but how often do we consider gloves? Protecting the hands is a critical aspect of personal protective wear, and depending on your industry there are several different options to choose from.

Protection From Chemicals and Burns

Depending on the intensity of your industry there are several types of gloves you can choose from for protection. If you are exposed to lower grade chemicals, simple non-latex gloves may be sufficient, if not there are a variety of ranges moving up in strength. Likewise, if you will be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, the type of glove you will need to use to protect hands will be different.

Protection From Cuts

While most gloves can help protect from minor cuts and bruises some can help with even more severe risks. Cut gloves, for instance, are made from specific materials to prevent cutting damage. They are especially useful in kitchens, where food safety law requires the use of gloves in some areas.

Protection From Weather

When working outdoors hands can be subject to all kinds of trouble. From freezing cold surfaces in winter to burning ones in summer, the temperature ranges of equipment can be quite extreme. Plus, in cases of rain or slippery conditions, protective gloves can help employees keep a better grip on tools and materials.

Protection From Excessive Hand Use

If you work on repetitive, forceful tasks like landscaping and construction you may face an added danger to your hands, blistering. Frequent use of the hands can lead to painful blisters, which if left exposed can become infected. Not only do hand injuries such as blisters cause discomfort, but they can lead to more severe issues if never given time to heal. Adding a protective layer to the hands will help to prevent skin irritation and help to keep any dirt and bacteria away from the wounds.

Protection From Irritants

While less severe than chemical exposure, mother nature has her own risks that can affect workers. Poison ivy, poison oak, bee and wasp stings, fire ant bites, all of these can cause skin irritation and pain. Gloves may not completely protect from all of the dangers, but they can significantly decrease them.

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