Scrubs are an Essential Work Uniform for Massage Therapists in the Spa Industry

As a massage therapist, scrubs are an essential part of your daily work uniform as you care for clients while maintaining your social distancing measures. At Chesapeake Uniform, we have numerous varieties of scrubs to choose from for massage therapists and estheticians alike working in the spa industry. As a free-flowing garment, scrubs provide freedom of movement to massage therapists as necessary while working on different massage techniques with clients. Since our scrubs are supplied from healthcare workwear facilities, you can rely on our scrubs being long-lasting and highly durable throughout your shifts.

Massage Therapist Work Uniform Scrubs: Freedom of Movement

When working as a massage therapist in either a luxury spa based out of a hotel or a small salon, it's essential that your scrubs provide you with freedom of movement. Our scrubs are all lightweight, flexible, and come in numerous soft fabrics that feel gentle against your skin. So while you're applying topical applications to your clients skin and moving your clients body, you have the freedom of movement in your scrubs while you provide your clients with the ultimate form of relaxation.

Lightweight for Increased Airflow

Since our scrubs are supplied through nursing suppliers, they are incredibly lightweight and allow for increased airflow throughout your shifts. Forget about heavy-duty scrubs with rough fabric that isn't breathable -- instead, opt for our scrub work uniform rentals that are soft and keep you cool throughout your shifts.

Look Professional While Remaining Comfortable

Scrubs are designed to feel comfortable while looking professional. Since our scrub uniform rentals come in a variety of colors, you can opt for professional shades to look your best while feeling your best! Our favorite professional shades of scrubs for massage therapists? Black, navy blue, and even dark purple to name a few.

For All of Your Hospitality, Medical, Commercial, or Industrial Uniform Needs

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