Sizing Up Your Employee Uniforms

Your employees should be comfortable. Part of that involves creating a workplace environment that is a positive and beneficial one. Another idea is to provide uniforms. These uniforms need to be properly sized, and this part of the process needs to go beyond asking for shirt and pant sizes.

Reasons Why It’s So Important

Getting the wrong sizes is a waste of time and money. These two resources are essential for any business but are especially necessary for smaller businesses that can always compete with their larger rivals. Team spirit and morale is important and finding the right sizes and can help reduce safety hazards such as lack of mobility or getting snagged on obstacles such as hooks.

Ways to Size Correctly

Different brands have different ideas of what the standard sizes mean. Some are larger and some are smaller than what you might expect. Getting the right measurements of your staff might sound rude or invasive, but getting them on board is a key part of getting the best-fitting and best-looking uniforms. After all, you want to project an aura of confidence and professionalism, and great-looking employee uniforms can help you do that:

  1. For the collar: Measure at the base of the neck. The neck needs to be kept straight and the tape shouldn’t be too tight, either.
  2. For the chest: Look at where the widest part of the chest is, right around the armpits.
  3. For the waist: Start measuring where the torso meets the waist.
  4. For the legs: Measure from the top of the legs down to the ankle. Reaching down to the ankle bone is for the best here. It might be more comfortable for employees to do this on their own to get the right measurements.

Other Factors to Consider

Certain brands of uniforms are considered to be unisex. Even so, the fit might still be slightly different. Request sample sizes so that all of your employees can try on every part of a uniform not just tops and bottoms - remember that accessories such as ties and vests are just as important! Talk to everyone on your staff and gather their input about how they would like their uniforms to look and feel. When employees feel comfortable enough to still be themselves while on the job, they will be even more motivated to do their best and provide the best customer service that they can!

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