The History of Occupational Uniforms

It is no longer much of a surprise to walk into an establishment or request a service and find a team or staff member in an occupational uniform. However, many don’t know how occupational uniforms began. So, how did occupational uniforms begin and how have they evolved?

· Court Liveries- The earliest known occupational uniforms are liveries. Liveries, which stems from a French term meaning to deliver, were worn by servants during the days of European court during the early modern period. The uniform helped to represent the family or household the servant belonged to using its form, decoration, and color.

· Early Occupational Uniforms- Aside from servants, some professions that began to wear occupational uniforms during the 16 th century include miners and postmen, or messengers. For the postmen, badges were worn to symbolize the court or city they were serving.

· State Employees- The birth of state uniforms for all members can be linked back to Germany during 1785. It was during this time that the Prussian king Frederick the second decreed that all servants for the post must wear occupational uniforms daily.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, occupational uniforms have become more about identifying a member of an occupation rather than highlighting rank. In the past, occupational uniforms have held a badge or code of arms that symbolized a military ranking or position, which has since passed during more modern times. Those who have served in the military have their own uniforms while occupational uniforms are used to show clients, customers, and civilians who they should be speaking with.

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