The Lowdown on Activewear

With summer coming along, it’s time to think about the types of clothes you wear. Activewear can be used as the basis for uniforms. It helps keep everyone who wears it cool and comfortable, and in the heat of late spring and early summer, that can make a huge difference in productivity!

Original Purposes

The original purpose of activewear was intended to be for sports. Just because your team is spiritually similar to a sports franchise doesn’t mean you should feel bound to sports-style uniforms. But hey - that could be a fun touch either way. Activewear needs to be lightweight, soft, and it has to stretch, too. It shouldn’t weigh the wearer down, especially if they work in a position that demands a lot of movement. The softness of the material matters too, since you don’t want to give your workers allergies based on the fabric or make their skin itchy, raw, and irritated from sweat or other sources of moisture. Stretchniess is also important - again, it helps boost mobility and flexibility, no matter what it is that your team needs to do.


Activewear is also supposed to be moisture-wicking. What exactly does this mean? It keeps sweat and other sources of moisture away from the skin in areas that sweat tend to pool up, such as in the armpits. It moves the moisture to the outer layers where it can be evaporated by exposure to sunlight. Most moisture-wicking materials are made from synthetic fibers. Did you know that wool is also a moisture-wicking material? It is, but it probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing fabric to wear in the heat of summer - in the fall or winter, it’s great, but in spring and summer it’s probably too hot to wear.

Plus, when was the last time you heard of wool activewear? It’s just not as common, though it is perfectly acceptable. Now then, if your team spends most of its time in the home office and is client-facing, then the humble polo shirt might be the right solution for uniform shirts that also count as activewear. This performance fabric also helps in an office building on days when the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working while also lending a look of professionalism and presentability, which is a key aspect of any good uniform!

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