The Necessity of Airline Uniforms

Owning and operating an airline is a massive endeavor. Airports are busy places and you always want all of your employees, whether they assist the passengers or focus on flying the plane, to look crisp, clean, and professional. You may not think of the commercial airline industry as one that needs uniforms, but if you take a closer look, you will find out how necessary they really are.

Form and Function

Many jobs don’t demand 12 hours shifts of their workers. However, the airline industry is different. If the uniform you chose is already going to be uncomfortable six hours into a regular eight hour shift, then imagine how that same uniform would feel ten hours into a twelve hour shift. Every airplane is going to feel unsteady, too, due to turbulence, wind shear, and other atmospheric issues that come along with flying in an airplane. The airline employees - the flight attendants - don’t have much time to relax. So if the prospect of getting on a flight stresses you out when you are just a passenger, take a minute to feel empathy for those brave souls who take responsibility for all the passengers onboard.

As long as pilots and flight attendants feel comfortable, they can concentrate on making the trip the best experience for everyone involved, and not just worry about how uncomfortable they are. In high-pressure situations such as this, even a small distraction could mean imminent disaster.

Choosing the Right Uniform

When it comes to choosing the right uniform, you need to think about all of your employees. Several thousand employees come together to ensure that the plane is clean, comfortable, and operates smoothly. The uniforms for the ground crew is just as important as the ones for everyone in the plane itself, whether or not they are serving the passengers seated in first class or coach. The mechanics and baggers who help make sure everything goes off without a hitch will need the right protective gear to help them stay cool in hot weather and protect their hearing from the loud roar of the engines as the plane begins to taxi in preparation for takeoff. Function should come before form - bonus style points are a way to impress customers, but they shouldn’t be the focal point of all airline uniforms.

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