The Psychology Behind What You Should Wear to Work

uniform-rental222505.jpgHow you dress has a huge effect on how people view you and how you see yourself. However, it's not about dressing one specific way, but rather taking your audience into account and choosing work clothes to your advantage on a per situation basis. This is why many companies choose uniforms for their employees. There has been a lot of research into what you should wear to work, and you can use it to your benefit.

Being Over Formal Is Just As Bad As Being Under Formal

While it may seem like a good step to take in the pursuit of dressing for the job you want rather than than the job you have, dressing appropriately shows that you can respect social codes and are aware of them. Work clothes are a way of conveying that you are in fact a team player. While it is an excellent idea to look sharp and polished for a job interview, dressing overly formally will make you look out of touch. What you should wear to work will reflect the culture of your work space.

Bold Fashion Suits Creative Industries

Dressing too far out of the norm in certain settings may hamper you and your professional goals, but it is actually advantageous to those who work in more creative industries. Work clothes are seen as a reflection of the creative professional's work, meaning that bolder and more outside-of-the-box pieces will make them appear more unique and attractive.

The Benefits Of Keeping It Casual

While there is a setting for every outfit, whether a tuxedo or sweats, more casual work clothes can actually benefit you in certain professional settings. It all depends upon your audience. In 2010, a female experimenter reported that students were far more receptive to her and more easily followed the detailed instructions she gave when she was dressed casually, in clothes similar to theirs. While bold and/or formal clothing can convey individuality, authority, and control, it can also be intimidating and alienating depending upon your audience. Studies suggest that in certain settings, dressing casually can aid you with persuasion. It is important to take this into consideration when choosing work clothes or employee uniforms.

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