The Psychology of Uniform Colors

Choosing the right uniform for your business can be difficult, not only must you consider the type of fabrics, any safety features, your logo, and type of uniform, but color as well. Different colors can have different effects on the viewer, for better or worse, which means that choosing the right color can be a big deal. Before you make any choices for your uniforms, consider the effects that colors can have, and what will have the most positive impact on your business.


Working in the food industry and want to get your customers appetite raised? Red can stimulate appetite, emotions, and energy. This not only can help make your customers hungry but increase their enjoyment of the food as their emotions will be raised.


If you’re looking to attract the attention of passerby and invite them in, orange is the perfect color. Orange has a welcoming, interest-grabbing effect that few can resist. Additionally, orange is an appetite stimulator which makes it ideal for restaurants and food service.


Despite being difficult for the eye to process, yellow can be an excellent color for the foodservice industry. Yellow has a tendency to create a welcoming, cozy environment that makes it useful for entryways, lobbies and breakfast areas.


For those attempting to create an environment that promotes calm while creating a feeling of naturalism, green is the color you’re looking for. Green is great for any company that focuses on or is influenced by nature or environmentalism. It also makes a great hue in health centers that focus on overall well-being and longevity.


Few colors have as much of a calming effect as shades of blue. Because of its ability to create a feeling of calm and focus, blue is great for offices, hospitals, and spas. Not only does it have a calming effect, but it’s proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, making it great for rooms that frequently hold high-stress situations.


Historically, purple has always been attributed with luxury. When purple dye was first invented, it often was difficult to make, and as a result, it was usually used by royalty. With that in mind, purple has become a color perfect for creating a high-end feel. It is an excellent match for high-end hotels or businesses. However, purple tends to have an appetite suppressing quality and should not be used in restaurants.

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