Well it’s finally happening. The air is a little crisper and the temperatures are finally starting to fall, and you know what that means. Layers! But what’s the best way to keep your workforce comfortable, stylish, and still in compliance with your uniform policy? No one wants to wear a jacket at work all day. It doesn’t look professional and gets too warm. The best compromise? Vests.

Warmth and Mobility

There’s a reason working men and women have worn vests in the fall and winter for years, they’re simply the best combination of warmth and mobility. No heavy sleeves means your arms have a full range of motion, while your core is still covered to retail vital warmth. Plus, employees can wear just about anything they want underneath. Someone who’s cold all the time can wear a long sleeve shirt, or someone who’s hot all the time can wear a short sleeve shirt and still look professional in most settings.


Just like any other piece of clothing that fits your uniform policy, a vest needs to include your company’s name or logo. If you work in construction or another field where your employees need to be visible at all times, you can use high visibility colors to make sure you can see your entire team at all times. You could even go one step further and add the employee’s name in place of a name tag that can get lost or forgotten.

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