Tips for Caring for a Chef’s Uniform

When you work as a chef, some degree of mess is pretty much inevitable. No matter what type of establishment you're working in, you'll want to make sure your chef uniform stays clean and professional at all times. No matter how amazing the food is, if the chef is dirty the customers may get scared off. Here are some tips for keeping your chef’s uniform neat and tidy.

Choose the Highest Quality Uniforms Possible

The first step to a more professional uniform is choosing high-quality work clothing. Lower quality fabrics won’t do very well in the heat of a busy kitchen during the dinner service! It is also important to choose fabrics that perform well in the climate of the kitchen. You aren’t going to be doing your best work if you’re too hot to think. Breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics are perfect for a kitchen environment because it can get extremely hot with stoves, griddles, and ovens running all the time. For safety reasons, the uniforms should also be fire-resistant because there are so many open flames in kitchens.

Pay Attention to Care Label Instructions

Reading is important. The care label in your chef’s uniform will tell you exactly how to properly care for the fabric. Most chef uniforms can’t be washed with your regular “street” clothing, are usually white and almost always have different washing instructions than typical casual clothing. Following these instructions closely will help your chef’s uniforms to last as long as possible.

Lift Stains Away

Spills and stains are highly common in the food and beverage industry. You should treat any stains on your chef’s uniforms as soon as you possibly can because the longer the stain sits on the fabric, the tougher it will be to remove. Rubbing stains will only help them to set in faster. Instead, try using club soda or a stain-lifting product to lift the stain. Make sure the stain is totally gone before putting the clothing in the dryer, though, because the heat can make the discoloration permanent.

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