Tips for Choosing the Right Scrubs

Scrubs are a necessity for working in a hospital or medical facility. They are practical items of clothing designed to get dirty and get washed without needing special treatments. Scrubs also need to stand up to the activity and stressors of the demanding hospital workday. At Chesapeake Uniform, we help doctor’s offices and hospitals choose the right scrubs every day. Here are some of our best tips for choosing the right ones for you!

The Right Color

First, you should consider if the hospital or medical facility where you work has a scrub hierarchy. Most facilities have certain colors of scrubs assigned to different workers. That way, at any given time, you can tell what part of the hospital that person typically works in. It seems like a silly rule to some people, but it can save lives in an emergency situation. If you work in another type of medical or dental facility, any scrubs might work. Many pediatrician’s offices allow for cartoon and patterned scrubs.

The Right Style

Scrubs might look like pajamas to some people, but there are many modern styles of scrubs that are a little bit more professional. Scrubs can be very expensive, so you should always select a style that you feel comfortable wearing for long periods of time. If the scrubs are very form-fitting or intricate, you should expect them to cost even more. In general, you should pick scrubs that fit you comfortably, seem to be made from durable material, and will complement the other styles of scrubs worn in your hospital or medical practice.

The Right Price

Finally, you need to choose scrubs that you can afford. Scrubs can be very, very expensive if you want a higher-end model. By partnering with an experienced uniform rental facility like Chesapeake Uniform, you can get scrubs that are a great quality at an affordable price. Don’t be afraid to talk about how contract terms could lower your uniform rental prices.

Uniform Rentals from Chesapeake Uniform

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