Tips for Comparing Uniform Rental Partners

Comparing uniform rental partners is actually much easier than you think. When the contract you have with one partner is about to expire, you have a choice. Do you renew, or do you play the field and find someone else to work with? When you need the answer to that question, follow these tips.

Consider All Costs

Although you would like to know about hidden fees, not all vendors will tell you about them ahead of time. This is how you know that your current uniform partner is trying to take advantage of you. These extra costs often appear in the form of upkeep and maintenance charges for laundry services and mending any damaged uniforms. All of that should be included in the package when you first sign your agreement.

Weigh the Long-Term Benefits

The next step is to think about where you will be six months from now, and then five years on from there. What are the long-term benefits of your arrangement? Are you getting the best deal that you can? These questions are essential, and you can’t overlook them.

Choose Your Uniforms and Customization Options

Choosing the uniforms that you want to represent your brand is another decision that can’t be made lightly. Find one that you like and that your employees are comfortable wearing. Then make sure that the customization options you are offered can help you stand out in a crowded industry, no matter what that might be.

Think About How Uniforms Will Degrade

It’s natural for all uniforms to start to wear out. Even the highest-quality materials will start to fade and tear over the years of heavy wear and usage. Even washing them and taking the best care of them can’t prevent this from happening. Every few years, it will be time for a uniform redesign. Embrace that change whenever it comes around.

Consider Customer Service

Finally, assess the customer service that you’ve received in the past. If they aren’t supportive, or have come across as unprofessional, then maybe they aren’t the right fit. Don’t be afraid to set high standards, both in-house, and for any labor or services that you might have outsourced in an effort to save money. That shouldn’t be a sacrifice on anyone’s part.

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