Tips for Creating a Dress Code Policy

Your employees need to look their best. Part of ensuring this happens is by ordering new uniforms whenever necessary. However, if there has never been a uniform policy in place before, you run the risk of making your employees unhappy. Instead, consider a dress code policy that can include employee input.

Think About Requirements

Take a minute to think about the requirements of your specific industry. This will guide the development of your new dress code policy. A food service employee will need to wear something much more different than a security guard. You will also think about if your employees will need personal protective equipment, or PPE. Then you also need to take into account how to avoid discrimination, as that could lead to legal problems or other consequences, even if it is unintentional.

Consider Employee Comfort

Then, you will need to think about how comfortable your employees will be under the new dress code policy. You should allow them to wear their favorite shoes or accessories. In some cases, it’s best to have a minimal dress code, where your employees are allowed to wear whatever they like so long as the items they wear aren’t inappropriate. You will need to think about how uniforms can affect customer and client interactions, which can also affect your employees’ overall level of comfort.

Consider Hygiene

Another important aspect of your dress code policy is hygiene. Hospital workers and others involved in medical offices might need to keep their scrubs clean as often as possible. Then you need to account for employee and guest health based on hygiene.

Consider Footwear

Lastly, consider the footwear you want your employees to use. Construction workers, for instance, will need heavy duty boots, steel-toed or otherwise. However, for office workers, it might be simpler to allow them to wear athletic shoes or dress shoes, depending on how formal your business is. Taken together, all of these factors can help you design the best dress code and then eventually, uniforms that you and your workers can agree on.

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